Our Story

The idea of Ray Henry Consulting came to surface when Ray Henry created a great strategy to grow one of his own businesses sustainably. The tools and strategies he put for himself were so successful in terms of profit and growth that he started advising his family and friends who were struggling to get their business in order.

Within a matter of a few months, Ray started receiving referral calls from small business owners who needed objective coaching and consulting. The natural flow of how things evolved drove Ray into building an innovative business coaching platform to help entrepreneurs achieve their business goals with great speed and ease.

Ray Said “I love working with small businesses. It might be rooted in humble beginnings growing up on a small farm in Ireland or because of fond memories I have from my earliest business days in the mid 90’s when I left my regular job in London and moved back to Ireland to start my first business, creating yardage books for golf courses using 3D Modelling.”

Who We Are

We are a one-stop consultancyfor small businesses that goes beyond traditional advisory services to provide practical and viable solutions.

We’re small in size but big in impact, a small multi-skilled team of highly resourceful people who are passionate about helping businesses walk through challenges and achieve success.

We have a simple approach, we focus on solving the problem disruptively by exploring creative approaches and the available opportunities. We empower businesses with strategies for long-term sustainable growth that will meet or exceed their ambitions or performances.

Why Are We Different

Very little about us is comparable to mainstream consulting.
Our clients typically tell us that our strategies are refreshingly innovative, totally unique and very easy to understand, unlike anything they have been exposed to.

It is not uncommon that business owners experience significant emotional and energetic change during our work together. In many cases, when we uncover new and innovative strategies, we see business owners have “eureka moments” and become lit-up with renewed optimism when they realize that their vision “wasn’t just a dream”.


The comprehensive resource and advisory that inspires and empowers businesses to overcome challenges, outdo performances and grow sustainably in any life-changing context.


Our mission is to dramatically improve the position of our clients using robust tools, strategies, and constructive imagination.


  • Action: Great follows Good follows Done.
  • Simplify: To get to done, go through simple.
  • Talent: We are all square pegs.
  • Solution: No problem is beyond a 1 step plan.
  • Empowerment: Creativity lies in each of us –set it in action.
  • Teamwork: People, not the internet, have theanswers you need.
  • Quality: Don’t let Great and Good shoot it out.You need both.
  • Organic flexibility: Great plans are made tobe broken.